Monday, May 08, 2006

Hmmm, I just got a message to call someone in the High Council in my Stake.

I mean, I haven't done anything wrong--other than what every other guy my age goes through. I've worked everything out with my bishop that I need to, we've already had Stake Conference so they won't be calling me to speak, I heard Salt Lake already issued my mission call so everything should be fine there...

what else could it be?

PS I heard Sufjan Stevens' Chicago on the radio today. it made me feel cool

EDIT: Good news. I haven't been excommunicated :-D. Although I'm conducting the music for Seminary Graduation.


noelle feather said...
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-L- said...

:) I'm relieved for you.

I always think it's funny that I react negatively to "the good guys". When I see a police officer on the road I usually get chest pain before I slow down. When the bishop wants to see me I wonder whether it will be speaking in church or a new calling--neither really particularly exciting. But then the police officer leaves me alone and pulls over a drunk driver making me safer, and the bishop just wants to chat about life and how I'm doing, and I remember that I'm okay.