Saturday, May 06, 2006

I did it. They know.

My mission papers are in.

and I decided that there will be no more lies, no more secrets. By all means I won't be casting my pearls infront of swine, but I am who I am.

YES. I feel so much better about myself.

EDIT: I don't know how long I'm going to stay around Blogger... I love the way the site works but there are a lot of members of "The Family" whose blogs are just rubbing me the wrong way, and that inturn just makes me angry.

If I've commented on your blog, it means you've passed the test. but there are so many out there that are complicating their problems exponentially because they are keeping secrets, not staying focused on Christ, and double guessing everything they know to be true.

I don't mean to write that because I'm stuck up, or delusional when it comes to the church. I write that because what I've experienced, I know that to be true. One last rant... I've read on a few that you have a need to have sexual experiences with men. I'm telling you that is a lie. There are ways you can have that need for intimacy with men satisfied by just communicating with other men.

Ugh, I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore. I'll let everyone know if I stick around blogger. but you can always go to my Xanga blog @


gilmore guy said...

hey that's big of you man. It's freaky and scary to be honest like that, but it's also a great feeling.

I think it's the feeling of being honest that some guys confuse with being gay. Meaning: when they finally come out and start dating guys or whatever, they say it is the best feeling of their lives. "Never happier." Possibly it's not being openly gay that is making them feel so good, so much as just being open.

Keeping this stuff inside and feeling like one is lying makes anyone feel lousy. Being honest, while scary, feels good.

Beck said...

Honesty is great! And being honest before you go on your mission is even greater!

I was able to be an effective missionary, more because of these "feelings" that allowed me to reach out and be sensitive to those I was teaching. Think of how the Lord can use you with your God-given talents, including EVERY aspect of who you are, and know you can be an instrument for good because of who you are!

You can be the same and I'm excited for the growth and opportunities before you.

Let us know more when you get your call.

-L- said...

Fun to find your blog today. I'm glad you are so faithful. That is a great example for me.

Zionita Fisher said...

How would you, some kid, know that it's a lie that gay men shouldn't have sex with other gay men?