Sunday, January 20, 2008

oh what a week

It's been a crazy week. So many things are changing, a few things are going against me, but most aren't. I have incredible, supportive friends that I know love me. Samantha, my roommates (they tolerate my messiness and crazier-than-a-shit-house-rat demeanor far too well) My parents care for me [I'm believing this for the first time since I came out to them]

People I work with sensed that things were up and were willing to give me a hug, old friends have come out of the woodwork and wanted to hang out. I went to lunch with Stephalumpagus yesterday and I had so much fun. I was actually smiling I loved it.

I have made a few friends at school. There is the most beautiful girl in my religion class and we help each other survive that class so far.

anyway, i'm about 45 minutes late for church, I just felt the need to post some things that I've been feeling the last few days.

so... thanks... :)


Marmoreal said...

good to hear some positive things are happening for ya. I was a bit worried. Here's hoping more good stuff is coming your way :)

epadavito said...

I'm glad you're smiling - I was thinking about you the other day...good luck in school....

Stephalumpagus said...

I had so much fun too! I'm glad you were smiling. I love you!

PS let's go back and just get fondue.