Monday, March 31, 2008

So, whoever was the anonymous comments on my blog the last two days, would you please email me @ attemptingthepath(at)gmail(dot)com I would love have a private discussion on the matter, and since your commented anonymously, I have no other option than say something like this on my blog.



Bethylene said...

AtP, I'm going to say something you might not like to hear, but I figure you'll have eighteen months to get over it before you can poison me or whatever, so I'm just gonna say it.

Unless we're trying to get into a bar, you and I are the same age. What would you think if I started dating a man as old as your exes? Your both being men does not change the initial inequality. Women sometimes get into unequal relationships because they like being inferior, because they like not feeling as responsible for the relationship, life, whatever. Eventually most of them discover that we must be responsible for our own lives—there is no way out after all. Of course, I don't know all of the circumstances and everything, but I just want to throw that out there. Maybe the breakup wasn't as bad as it feels right now.

Anyway if you don't completely hate me, I'd love it if you wrote me on my mission. My address will be on my facebook page soon. And I love you, AtP, and always will.

Anonymous said...

Do you still want me to write you?

attemptingthepath said...

if your name is Jerry, no, I don't.

but otherwise, I'd love for you to write me.

Anonymous said...

I no who U of whom u speak... funny how small this queer old world is here in Happy Valley. It's fat jerry, that repressed fag from CA. you bashed him about a year or so ago with all your shallow gay boy glory, well "Mr. Attempting the OTHER Path Now," let me give u a healthy dose of reality, baby he is soooooo far above u that u shouldn't even try to go there, so step down.

How's that for a MAJOR BITCH SLAP??? R we crying yet??? or r formulating some queeny sarcastic response to further the drama????

He can be a major ass and VERRRY preachy, his comments on other blogs sound like boring Sunday School lessons. But his heart is big and he cares.

Caring.... what's that????? U no spending time worrying about people without a motive? Even if they aren't hot...... concept u ain't familiar with isn't it??

Dear, I felt sooooo sorry for u. LOL!!!!! I used to watch u every month at the Matis thing and feel bad for you because u seemed so lost in your own little tragic kingdom created by your own drama. Yes you no me, we've talked before a lot. U would hold court then walk off and everyone would bust up laughing.

Even more ironic, I've hooked-up with ur ex and I no u hooked up with him at FHE. Guess how he landed me? Sounds like the same way he got u to give it up.

Honestly if u think the this guy, who has a rep of grooming other confused mohomo boys by gaining their trust & telling them its alright and playing MANLY GAMES with them to make them feel "normal" and whatnot, I no cause been there, done that, is somehow less of a threat, den jerbear, next time ur there look above your head and check his bed post for notches cause guess what???? DINGGGG!!!! U R probably just the latest. Mine is only a few notches before urs. Hot huh!!!! We have something in common. Don't belive me, ask him why someone his age has mostly 19 and 20 yr old guys on his various profiles? GEEEZ thats a no thinker!

What more, if u fell for him, u R even blonder, dumber and more shallow den ur blogs let on. I've been near you at FHE I don't know if thats really possible. May be you should spend some time reading the books in that store you work out and it will do u some good. And okay why did I fall for him, cause I was dumb to, but I've learned my lesson.

By the way, love the new and improved more gay and less Mormon blog. I guess now that you have decided that the church path isn't for u this blog is sorta relative. I guess its good u didn't get to serve a mish, judging by what u are doing now ur heart was never in it to begin with.

The funny thing is when I did tell jerry about this he actually felt bad for u and wanted to find out who the guy is and tell the Matis about the guy so he wouldn't pray on anyone else. LMFAO!!!!! He ACTUALLY felt sorry for u after all u had said about him!!!!!! That probably makes him the biggest fool out there. I told him not to bother because in all honestly honey u got what u deserve. it speaks volumes about the difference between the 2 of u.

nuff said!!!

A CROW'S VIEW said...

Mr B. this comment is not cool. And I know it's you. It's beneath you. You know that I love you. I am grateful if you are trying to defend me. You have been one of the few Moho's who have always been willing to be my friend, but I would rather you delete this comment and not drag me into the drama. This is not the way to do it.

I may not be able to control or fix what AtP thinks of me, but I won't let it color what I think of him. He seems to have a lot of issues and doesn't need the added burdens of these kinds of attack. I may not have any control of what AtP thinks of me. And you know that I tried reaching out to him as a friend and was rejected. I tried apologizing. Honestly I feel a lot of his pain in his blogs and I think a lot of what he wrote about me was transference.

I feel bad that misunderstandings and gossip have made it impossible for us to be friends which I think is tragic. I can't take it personally. I do think he is misunderstood. I do think he is making wrong choices. But I don't think he is a bad person. And lets face it when you are attempting the path you sometimes take the wrong turn. But at least he admits to attempting it.

I know in the past year we have gone in different directions as far as the church is concerned, but I've always respected you. So please leave this kid alone.

Lets face it if you guys have been victims of the same guys games then you should feel sorry for him. If this is the same guy that you forwarded me the profile of he's also done this to other friends of mine. I think you should apologize and reach out to AtP and be his friend. Not attack him.

Thats my two cents worth. I hope you will do the right thing. I asked you to please delete this comment as a favor to me.

By the way AtP this is Jerry and I'm sorry for what my friend has done to you. I'm sorry if you have been hurt.