Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just got another job at the good ol' DB...

Deseret Book that is! The interview was weird, well since it wasn't an interview, I was basically offered the job as soon as I sat in the chair--apparently no men can work during the priesthood session on conference weekend! how crazy is that?

I'm excited


SkyBluePink said...

You should be! :)

duckygub said...

wow! congrats on the new job. that's cool that you can't work during priesthood session. too bad other places don't see it that way.

Samantha said...

Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy the job--but even if you don't, paychecks are always nice... :)

I'm happy for you, ATP!!

Ward Cleaver said...

You have been SO encouraging and inspirational to me.

Thank you!

Please know that you touch people's lives without even knowing or understanding.

Blessings to you in your new endeavor.