Monday, July 24, 2006

Seriously considering going to the LDS business college.

any thoughts?


SkyBluePink said...

Do it.

Samantha said...

Do they teach you how to prepare taxes there? You could learn that, and then you can take over my practice when I die.

Built in job security--gotta love it.

robb said...

There's a lot to be said for LDSBC. My quorum president teaches there, so if he's any indication, the instructors are kind, organized, and willing to put in extra effort to help students out. Several of my former students have gone there and they enjoy it. It's less stressful than other BYU campuses because it has smaller class sizes; it's more personable with a smaller student body and more contact with faculty and staff; plus, it also enables you to get out of Utah valley on a regular basis that provides some healthy perspective. If you do make a go of it, let me know how you like it; I get asked all the time about how it is, so I'd appreciate an insider's scoop.

robb said...

hey, saw your comment: email me at robb (at) byu .edu if you want details.

Beck said...

I agree that getting out of Utah Valley for a while may help... but what do I know?

Linds said...

*oof* Ouchies! You forget I am not one of those butchy tough lesbians... lol... I don't handle tackling well.

YES! I am finally done housesitting!!

I totally think you should go to LDSBC, I have a friend that goes there and a cousin that graduated from there, both loved it!

So glad to see things are going good for you!!!