Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bishop interview #1

I decided I wanted to keep track of all my interactions with my ecclesiastical leaders from now until I leave on a mission (whenever that may be) When my Stake President got my rejection letter from the Missionary Department, the missionary department wanted to make sure I was seeing my bishop every month to make sure I'm not suicidal, buying a rainbow thong,or moving to San Fran

It was an uncomfortable sunday. In Sunday school, I kept picturing in my mind throwing a hymn book at The Slow Talker and Brother Expletive Delete. After church I went to talk to my bishop, it was one of our monthly mandated visits. The meeting was it's average of a whole 5 minutes. He asked how I was doing, I told him the truth, he then said I was going about this the right way, shook my hand and walked me toward the door. Todays visit wasn't a negative eperience, although it was a long way from positive. My questions rarely get answered...although that is my fault, I only rarely get to asking them point blank...which is needed with this bishop.

Maybe next month I'll print a copy of the church interview on SSA, and maybe buy my bishop a copy of IQD so he won't seem so awkward around me.


Elizabeth-W said...

I think that is a really good idea. I think you can do that from a loving stance. Bishops aren't "trained professionals", and they're not mind-readers, fortune tellers, or whatever model of shaman you can think of with supernatural powers. If they're living right, they have a special spirit, special guidance that they can utilize, but they aren't omnicient. If you can have compassion for him, recognize that if he is humble, he probably feels way over his head.

Beck said...

Your Sunday School experience made me chuckle... I teach Sunday School and HAVE HAD hymn books thrown at me! Not because I was slow of speech but because I tend to hit people on the back of the head to wake them up!

As for the Bishop thing... just keep thinking of the bigger goal and don't let anyone or anything get in the way of that goal!

Samantha said...

I just have to say, a thong, rainbow or otherwise, is not a comfortable visual, so now you can be thrilled that you made me squirm a bit. Okay, not really, but I wanted to make you happy today!! :) I actually thought it was hilarious. (pssst...just so you know, if you do go on a mission, I suggest you leave that item home)

epadavito said...

Bishops are people too with millions of problems to deal with - I've realized that since I told him way back when - we've only meet like 3 times in 5 months or so? I haven't been to all of church this whole month - going to other wards and stuff - and I'm slightly ticked that he hasn't asked me on sunday I convinced myself that he avoided me, cuz it was break the fast and we were both kind of walking toward eachother and I thought - great, we'll finally at least say hello -but he turned the other way? hey..maybe I need to shut up and just do whats right!