Tuesday, September 19, 2006


anyway. So the EG conference was a lot of fun... As Samantha mentioned that she wishes she could give the credit to the EG conference...but really, it was because we're all so much fun to be around. There were some times when we were so bored that we ended up passing notes back and forth, (see post below) giving out our own awards--thanks Smurf for giving me the "Most Ridiculous Laugh" (in all honesty, no one else had a chance with that one.) Then there was the time when I had to run out of the Q&A session for the Male "Strugglers" and then saw Samantha running out of the one she was in... after that Smurf and Sam read Isaiah together while I laughed continuously.

I learned a lot, but mostly about how great it was to have friends who understand, and not have any awkward sexual tension--which is rare when meeting other gay guys.

Ummm i'm tired now. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more ambition.

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Samantha said...

Okay, but just to clarify, my correct title is "Queen of the Queerosphere" which designates a destination, not a demographic, and you must give credit to the title bestower: The Great -L-, without whom, I would simply be just another blogger.