Monday, June 04, 2007

Fade to Grey

Saturday morning I woke up late, in a bad mood I checked a few blogs. I read one that isn’t the queerosphere announcing that a friend of mine had chosen to leave the church. I got kind of emotional and pity-party-ish phrases like, all of the emotions tying back into the feeling of loss since my brother’s death over four years ago. I got to work about 15 minutes late and made it through most of the morning with only offending a few of my coworkers.

By the afternoon I was feeling better, and by seven I was changing into my lavender shirt and my second favorite pair of jeans and decided to be alittle more adventurous than usual and I wore my Dolce and Gabanna cologne and headed off to The Macaroni Grill with a bunch of other mohos (By a Single Thread, The Original MoHomie, The Non-Blogger, Danish Boy, The New Kid, Tito, and myself). Dinner was fantastic; I once again filled up on their delicious bread instead of the food I ordered. Boo.

When we had our fill, and By a Single Thread flirted enough with our married waitress we went to Rock Canyon Park. There were some blocks of ice that hadn’t fully melted so there was some impromptu ice blocking which I, regretfully, didn’t participate in. We finished that with no broken bones, some very awkward pictures, and a few grass stains. We ended up watching The Illusionist.

I slept in on Sunday, but not as much as I would have liked. Sacrament meeting was good, and I felt the need to share my testimony briefly… which I did, in about 35 seconds. Sunday school wasn’t bad, and priesthood was almost unbearable, but I sat through the whole lesson. Someone from my ward even sent me a love note! She’s the ward chorister and really nice, I think I should try to be her friend.

I made a brief appearance at my aunt’s birthday party/family gathering and bolted up to Salt Lake to see By a Single Thread sing, but alas Danish Boy and I couldn’t find the place where he was performing so we just wasted a tank of gas driving around the valley and talking.

Anyway…it’s my day off today and I think I’m going to read some more of the Infinite Atonement, and consider going to my ward’s FHE. Ack, I really need to go grocery shopping.

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isakson said...

Its sad about your friend leaving the church. I think all of us are going to experience friends or family leaving the church a number of times throughout our lives. Wow...I'm so pessimistic!