Friday, August 24, 2007

has it really been a week?


I had a few consistent posts and then I sort of forget I had a blog for a week. I hate when this happens.

Samantha and Darrin came to visit me [hey, I can believe whatever I want to believe, OK?], we had lunch at our favorite place, and then they went to play with the FoxyJ and Master Fob.

It’s been Education Week in this area of the world, and that means that work has been kind of crazy, I’m so glad that I had today off. I celebrated by waxing my eyebrows and purchasing more hair product.

On Monday I hung out with Carry On at Lagoon, we partied it up, rode the new roller coaster, which was actually worth staying in line forever for. We ate at Costa Vida, my second favorite place ever. After dinner, we watched Superbad, which was such a terrible movie it made me want to curl up in a ball and cry. After that fiasco, I’ve taken away Carry On’s movie picking privileges.

Today Stephalumpagus forced me to go to an Organ recital today. It was painful. I decided I like the sound of a piano so much more than that of an organ.

I’ve felt good the last week or so. It’s been a nice change. Hopefully feeling OK will last. I’m working on some things that will keep it a little more in reach than it has in the last 8 or so months.

Anyway, I’m so done with this post. I’m going to go do something…or something… like watch a romantic comedy and eat junk food.


Samantha said...

Silly, you are always the reason I come to Utah.

Stephalumpagus said...

I know it was awful. Organ music isn't always that bad. I do appreciate you coming though so I didn't have to go by myself. I owe you lunch.

And nice eyebrows. :)

drex said...

Next Saturday there's a fantastic violin/piano concert in SLC that you're invited to! Seriously, my cousins are amazing. If you like piano stuff, you'd probably like it.

And I'm glad things are good. :)