Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goals for 2007

I fall prey to peer pressure far too easy. but then again, I AM easy. *cough*

1. Gain 15 pounds. Actually make that 30. Over the last month I've lost just abot 15 pounds...not good.

2. Keep my goal friends, possibly add one more person to the "goal friend" list

3. Get B's or A's in school

4. Decrease impulse buying

5. Get out of the US for the first time in my life.

6. And go on a mission.


Samantha said...

Am I a "goal friend"? And if not, does that make me a toilet paper friend? Because I just want to say that if I'm a TP friend, I want to be Charmin Ultra, and I want to come on a giant roll, which will take you longer to go through unless you change your diet drastically.

And I just have to say that this is a rather disgusting analogy (you have a way of bringing those up and disturbing my refined sensiblities)--so I'm hoping I'm a goal friend, and if I'm not, you should consider adding me as the "one more".

el veneno said...

Good goals. We need to make the weight gain one some kind of a competition. I'm up for a trip out of the U.S. anytime. We could do a weak trip to northern mexico or BC, Canada or we could do something totally crazy.
I'm hoping 2007 is the year you stop sucking at life and reach all your goals. Seriously, I really hope you do. I'll be backing you up.