Friday, January 19, 2007

"There is power in the blood of Christ, not only to create worlds or part the Red Sea, but to still the storms of the human heart"

--Publishers preface of In Quiet Desperation.

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agirlwho said...

That is such a beautiful painting. Where did you find it? Who is the artist? I love this quote. I just recently finished reading In Quiet Desperation as I was searching for greater understanding in relation to a recent news I've had that my two best guy friends deal with SSA. I love them and I feel like trying to understand what they deal with has helped me to understand the atonement better. I realized that peace should exist within us no matter what challenges we may have. I see their struggle to battle with the opposing desires they have and I also recognize that I should be stronger, that no matter what trial I might experience, I have to be solid in the gospel and be happy with who I am. Thank you for all the insightful, inspirational things you post.