Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Eve

After the church incident, and Samantha left to visit one of her friends, I wished my mother a happy birthday and started my trek to pick up El Veneno from the airport. I love the airport, mostly because I love watching people.

At first I walked into the wrong terminal and witnessed a missionary be reunited with his family. He looked so scared to be at home. I watched a young married man cart his daughter around as they waited for little girl's mom to get home. She held on tightly to her father and looked intently at all the strange faces rushing on past her.

I meandered my way over to the correct terminal, and El Veneno's flight arrived. We loaded up my car with his luggage and headed to downtown to meet up with Pinetree and Brownsugar at an 'authentic' japanese restaurant. I ordered a plate of chicken, yet only ate the rice.

With a few minutes until midnight to go, we left the Japanese place and headed downtown. Pinetree kicked the new year off well, and I, like El Veneno hope you blog about it.

On New Years day El V, Samantha Darrin, their children and I had a very enjoyable lunch, except for the fact that I asperated cocoa powder because someone made me laugh. It was disgusting.

I'm working on a post to summarize 2006, but I'm waiting until saturday to post it, since that will be my 1 year anniversary of me coming to terms with the fact that i'm SSA/Homo/Gay.

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Samantha said...

Saturday--naval piercing in your honor--I can hardly wait!