Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Psych 101: The Meltdown

I know you are all just dying to hear more about the adventures of AtP in Psychology, and I hope I do not dissapoint with this weeks venture into annoyance.

We're discussing intelligence tonight, and most of the discussion wasn't as painful as usual. We were discussing environment, siblings--you know, the standard for a chapter concerning this topic, but out of the blue, the girl I blogged about recently spoke up.

"I have two cats!"


What the HELL does that mean?! "I have two cats!"

My words aren't working, I don't know what to say!

I'm going to tell myself that she was making some clever word play about having lesbian aunts or possibly having deformed lady parts.


Samantha said...

Ummm...I don't have any cats. Should I?

-L- said...


You get more hilarious all the time.


Kengo Biddles said...

Sounds like Tourette's to me. I fully expect her to start swearing, clicking and assaulting others in your class at any time. I would say sit very, very far away from her. :)

Julie said...

This is the girl who has "mammary problems," right? Oh wait--I think it was "memory" problems. My bad.

Your post reminds me of my very favorite cartoon ever. I'd e-mail it to you, but I don't have your address. (If you really want it, send me a note at filzjewel at gmail dot com.) I'm sure you'd laugh, though. It's one of those "on the edge" things.

Julie said...

By the way, I'm so honored to have been placed on your "Family Friendly" links! (blush blush)

Elizabeth-W said...

Maybe she was trying to say that her cats were her siblings.
There is nothing more fun than a psych 101 class, except for maybe 102 or 201. Giving people just a tad of information about personality/psychology makes them dangerous, indeed. :)
I used to have an anatomy class in which there was an older student (he was probably younger then than I am now, but he seemed pretty middle-aged at the time) who either had, or knew someone who had every freak disease known to the professor. It was quite entertaining. When we got to the reproductive system my best friend and I couldn't wait to find out what personal info he'd reveal! :)
Ditto what Julie said about the linky!

Elbow said...

You are brilliant!