Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Things I like and Dislike

I like eating Costa Vida with friends
I dislike throwing Costa Vida up hours later (such a waste of $8)

I like skipping class
I dislike skipping class for the sake of emptying the contents of my stomach

I like having rock-hard abs
I dislike getting said abs from throwing up

oh, I have to officially take back most of the mean things I said about my roommate--he bought me medicine yesterday and kept checking in on me. The guy is amazing.



agirlwho said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that the Costa Vida didn't entirely pay off. Was it food poisoning? I ate the rest of mine yesterday and it was good. But, anyhow, that's a moot point. I hope you're feeling better. Miss you!

Thrasius said...

Your humor is so funny, I always love catching up on your blog.

Loyalist (with defects) said...

Damn! and here I thought that doing 50,000 crunches was going to get me rock hard abs!

Here's to getting better!


Stephalumpagus said...

Sorry you got sick from that! That IS such a waste of $8. time we should go to Zupas instead. I hope you feel better soon!