Sunday, February 25, 2007


I feel bad selecting just one quote for today, since I spent most of the day talking to Samantha (she's my favorite), then the mildly handicapped woman I work with she kept telling me, "You're just cookin' with Crisco AtP, cookin' with Crisco!"

Then I spent a lot of the night well, early morning, talking to AGirlWho, I think I may have a crush on her. Shhhh don't tell any of the fags in the Queerosphere--they'll kick me out because I'm not really gay.

but alas our QOTD comes from Stephalumpagus who reminded me of the first time we hung out at IHOP, it was back when they had the Caramel Banana French Toast thing for $4.99 (hmmm deliciousness). Well, she said, "Remember that time you winked at the waiter to get more caramel?"

It brought back a flood of memories of late night IHOP adventures with Smurf and a bunch of other people, and also displays the fact that I shamelessly use my (incredibly sexy) body to get things I want from nice gay caramel for my french toast.

PS I think I'm buying this shirt...the mao thing...obviously

and i REALLY want to buy this one... excuse the language

and what I'm wearing to the Queerosphere reunion.


Stephalumpagus said...

LOL! You whore, selling your body for caramel.

PS--If you get kicked out of the Queerosphere for not being gay I'm so coming after you.

Wayward Son said...

Spooky…its like you’re leading a bizarro version of my life. Or at least wearing a bizarro version of my wardrobe. This shirt has been in my t-shirt collection for a long time now. And I recently added what has easily become my favorite shirt

Good taste my friend

agirlwho said...

;) We'll have to keep this one under wraps. You know, you aren't the first one to say that you have a crush on me this week either. You and wayward son might have to duke it out.

pinetree said...

Haha, you always find the best t-shirts. I especially like the toast one and I still want the "Mom, Dad...I'm Gaelic" one. Hilarious.

Loyalist (with defects) said...

I cant think that was too funny!

oh wait i cant think any way!


Kengo Biddles said...



Thanks for the laugh!

Julie said...

Oh, I so want the toast shit--I mean shirt!!!

Kengo Biddles said...

Tsk tsk, Sister Pottymouth. ;)

Here's another shirt for you, AtP...