Thursday, June 08, 2006

The evaluation was pure hell.

i have no idea if or when i'm going to serve a mission.

but besides that, there was one of thsoe crazy-awesome Utah rainstorms tonight, and I played in the puddles for aobut an hour!

So, overall today wasn't that bad


Kim Mack said...

Sorry about the eval. They're not fun, for sure. Did they give you a time frame of when they'll have their answer?

Glad you got to play in the rain!

robb said...

That's tough, mate. And although it does feel good to serve a mission, there are a lot of other great ways to live, learn, and serve while you wait, or even in place of a mission.

And yeah, the storm was wicked awesome. I love running in weather like that.

Samantha said...

Why "pure hell"? What made it so awful?

I love to walk in the rain. I still can't resist puddles. Sometimes, though, it turns to hail--that hurts a bit.

JB said...

Sorry the eval. was so bad. :(

Look at it this way, it could save you from 2 years of hell.

And/or God knows you want to. Hopefully the leaders who get to decide this take Him (or Her) into account when they make the decision. If you don't go, maybe you'll be better off for it.

Or maybe that's just not the direction God wants you to take?

Or maybe you'll go anyway and this whole comment will be completely worthless... :shrug:

el veneno said...

Perfect attitude. Way to be. A mission is an amazing experience and from what I've read sounds like you'd be a sweet missionary so I hope it does work out. If not though, I think you just know that things will still work out. There will still be plenty of rainstorms like Saturday night's and other much better things to make life rich.