Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey everyone.

there's a really awesome forum for people struggling with SSA who want to lead lives dedicated to the Gospel @ it's helped me a lot. so yeah, check it out


Samantha said...

I checked it out--good site.

Speaking of si(gh)t(e)s, may I borrow your eye for my blog this week?

Don't worry, I'll return it in great shape :) .

Samantha said...

Thank you for your permission.

Bob Shelby is a male chauvenist with a rather amazing writing style, who deleted his blog at the request of his girlfriend (I know--doesn't tally with the chauvenist description), and resurfaces occasionally so I can tell him how much I dislike him.

How have I been lately? confused, ambivalent, happy...the normal stuff.

Glad you like my picture. It expires in a week. Very short shelf-life.

Ward Cleaver said...

I have found great comfort and friendship in a People Can Change online support group.