Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okay, so I was on campus on monday, and right now there are EFY kids SWARMING the place.

I realized, I've gotten old(er). You see, last year I would've been checking out the participants...when I saw everyone this year-I was totally checking out the counselors.

it was so weird.

Oh, PS, I found out the person who did my evaluation hasn't even sent it to my bishop or my stake president. I'm pretty much livid about the situation

PSS the social worker who did my eval has been completely ignoring my phone calls. If I don't get an answer tomorrow I'll just stop by LDS social serivices and it won't be pretty


Elbow said...

What?! That means more waiting. I'm so sorry. Waiting is the worst.

Samantha said...

THAT TOTALLY STINKS!!! I'm livid, too.

Wow, I'm so sorry.

Beck said...

I can't wait for you to go after LDS Social Services!!! They messed up my life royally (at the time) but it turned out to be a wonderful blessing in the end as we pursued other avenues.

Just because the proverbial door closes doesn't mean there isn't another one to open...

Latin Stud! said...

Yeah! that stinks! but good thing that Ur are not frustrated that much anymore!!!
Counselours huh? I need to pay attention to those annpying weirdos.. I HATE EFY! haha!

Sorry I couldn't go to institute! next week for suuure!