Saturday, June 24, 2006

This is going to be the first, and the last time that I will ever blog about work, I swear.

I work in the card cancellation dept for American Express business cards. Great times, right? People call me, tell me to cancel their cards, I talk them out of it. Today I received a doozy. Infact I'm still reeling from it.

ME: Thank you for calling open from American Express, this is AttemptingthePath, how may I assist you today?

Cardmember: Do you support abortion?

ME: Ummm, what do you mean--me personally or American Express?

CM: Does your (expletive delete) corporation support abortion?!

ME: Amex doesn't take a stance on pressing social issues such as this.

CM: I read that Amex gave money to planned parenthood! Is that true?!

ME: I can't say if in the past that Amex has given any money to the planned parenthood **sounds of me being cut off by the CM*

CM: (more expletive deletes)

Funny part of the story is that he's the leader of a non-denominational worship center, and that I basically paid him off in money to keep his account open... heehee

That's just about as bad as the time that someone called in to cancel their card because Ellen "Degenerate" was in an ad that amex did.

People are ridiculous.

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Ward Cleaver said...

Worry not, my dear friend.

You can change the credit card holder at a time!