Monday, May 07, 2007

I like lists

1. The Vienna Teng concert was incredible. Thank you Original MoHomie for getting me a ticket

2. church today was kind of lame, I was started at 1 pm.

3. Thank you Samantha for sending me the Scripture of the day.

4. I'm still having difficulty adjusting to life in Prozac Valley

5. Practice makes perfect--I'm hoping one day they'll make "Saying Offensive Yet Hilarious Things In Front of BYU Students" an olympic sport.

6. I want to really blog tomorrow, and I'm hoping it will brain hasn't been cooperating lately

7. The CES fireside was a lot of fun.

8. I cuddled with Stephalumpagus while watching Finding Neverland. I like cuddling.

9. I miss living near By a Single Thread and El V. I also miss the Taj Ma- By-A-Single-Thread. It sort of sucks.

10. I thought my roommate was cute until I saw him shirtless...he has manboobs.


drex said...

Yay for not finding roommates cute! Un-yay for manboobs. Eek.

Stephalumpagus said...

I give you a gold medal for your new Olympic sport. You scored like 5000 points last night.

Julie said...

Manboobs? My brothers call them breasticles. So much more masculine-sounding, don't you think?