Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm not in the mood...

For blogging that is--so you're going to get one of those superficial "here's what I'm doing with life" kind of posts.

And AGirlWho broke up with me on facebook. I'm not bitter


Stephalumpagus, Satine and I went up the waterfall in Provo Canyon. Satine and I did this all the time last summer with another friend that I can't remember her blogging identity right now [man, i'm a bad friend] poor stephalumpagus only wore flip flops which was a really bad idea on her part...although i didn't explain we'd actually be ascending the waterfall, not just climbing the trail.

afterwards we met up with the Drex crowd and I watched a bunch of gay man, and their token straight girl play frisbee, it was freaking hilarious.

By a Single Thread called me, I ditched the party and went to dinner with him. Chili's. I drank too much Dr Pepper and couldn't finish my food, it was delicious though. Sitting on the other side of the partition was a girl I went to high school with on a date with a woman. I wanted to say something but she doesn't remember me--I decided against saying hi and mentioning how I was connected to the family that's disowned her.

Chili's was packed with good looking guys so after we were finished we decided to get out, and we went to walk around Rock Canyon Park and saw some random date group ice blocking, it looked ridiculously reckless and horribly entertaining.

By a Signle Thread left and I headed up to the Original Mohomie's place, we ate ice cream, and looked at baby pictures.


I slept in and read, didn't go to church. I also learned how to drive a stick shift.


The New Kid and I went to SLC, got some Costa Vida and met a bunch of [old] people within the Family History Library. Then we drove back to Provo through Park City [do you know how many freaking times it took me to type 'Park City' correctly?] It was beautiful yesterday the clouds were going over the mountains, the sun breaking through the clouds in a freaking amazing sunset. So I called Satine again and with The New Kid we went up to the waterfall, except we used the trail since it was kind of cold yesterday. It was amazing up there, it's one of my favorite places in Prozac valley.

In Other News...

I finished New Moon, the sequel to Twilight and I'm anxiously awaiting the third book to come out in August.

I'm reading The Bell Jar again, which is one of my favorite books.

I'm also out of shampoo and my Aquage Transforming Hair Paste

Yesterday I got the Pineapple Mango wallflower from bath and Body works. I am really loving citrus right now.

okay. I'm done. Time to ...get out of bed. Gee, I'm pathetic.


Abelard Enigma said...

I drank too much Dr Pepper

I knew it! You are trying to become a Texan (with "ya'll" and stuff). Come on out to Texas and I'll take you to Dublin. It has one of the original Dr. Pepper bottling plants (and the oldest one still operating) - AND the only one that uses the original recipe (with cane sugar instead of corn syrup).

I slept in and read, didn't go to church

Tsk tsk

I got the Pineapple Mango wallflower from bath and Body works

That's so gay! Oh ... yea ... sorry

Stephalumpagus said...

"I'm also out of shampoo and my Aquage Transforming Hair Paste."

I need to go to Walmart...come with me?

Also, I would never have word flip flops had I known we were climbing up. But it was still awesome, and I'm proud to say I made it! Also I'm getting some Chacos. Yay!

epadavito said...

what happened to getting away for a while.....sounds like fun though.....

Gimple said...

If it was hilarious watching us play ultimate frisbee, you should have come and play with us. It was just as much fun because I was laughing at everybody and it was close up in the action compared to where you were! It would have been a lot better if you would have played because there would be more gay people playing (more people = more fun and the gay element adds more hysterical laughter).

agirlwho said...

Aww... I didn't mean to cause a scandal! Love you... :)