Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Tender Mercy of the Lord

Last night, I was at work, wearing a tie (i love wearing ties--not the point) long sleeve dress shirt, dress shirt, etcetera--the whole missionary gettup. I was helping a young man find some books, out of nowhere we strike up a conversation.

Steven: Have you served a mission?
Me: No, not yet, hopefuly soon though...
S: Oh, that's cool...I put my papers in in a few weeks, i can't wait!
M: Did you just turn 19?
S: No... I'm 22...
M: (biggest smile ever) I'm going to be an older missionary too.

at that moment I met someone who knew what I was going through. Someone who has had to stay off the awkward questions, the pain, the gossip. We looked into eachothers eyes and I knew I had a friend who has been where I am at, and now I knew I could make it through this time.

I was asked if I had served a mission over 10 times yesterday... Soon it'll stop hurting.

With that being said, I love my job. It's where I'm supposed to be.

Sorry, Samantha--you'll see part two tomorrow


Samantha said...

ATP--What are you trying to do to me???? Making me wait till tomorrow??? Have you no heart???

Still, what an amazing experience, and by the way, my husband is sending TWO missionaries from his ward out in the next couple of months. Both are nearing 25.

I keep telling you...there's lot's of time. And no matter where you are, you look great in a tie!

epadavito said...

those smiles are the best - the kind where inside for a split second you are completely inside that person and they are completely inside you -and it is amazing. For that second, its like you get life, you understand it - because somebody else is understanding you....ahh...its the best...

Linds said...

oh.. my comment box is always open for mulling things over.

I will pray tonight. Thank you for the reminder. It is amazing how easily things we are told daily through most of our lives leave our minds as options when we really need them.

I don't really know what I believe in.

I've been experimenting with a mixture of Buddhism and Christianity, and it has served me well so far, at least the Buddhism part of it. I still can't help but miss the whole 'mormon thing'. The fellowship and such.

But, at the same time... I can't just not be gay. I can't be single all my life either, and there is NO way in hell I'm taking my piercings out.. :-P... jk... maybe they can go..

*sigh* I just dunno...

I just knew nobody would get it except for you.

Damn Maren Ord and Jericho Road, they just bring these feelings out in me.

I'll let you know how my talk with God goes... I hope he's not mad... lol.



-L- said...

I've got a bro-in-law that is about 25 who just left and a nephew is 21 that is still fixin' to go. I think people shouldn't even ask about missionary service. It's one of those small talk things that seems safe enough, but for obvious reasons it can be awkward when there's no need whatsoever.

But then, if you can't talk about missionary work you might get a question about sports, and that would scare me even more...

Loyalist (with defects) said...

I wonder if that’s what we’re seeking. That connection, as you stated "a friend who has been where I am at" and knows how we feel/think.

I'll mull this over a bit more I think.

AtP - You'll get there and you will serve with honor and distinction.

Retarded Poet Smurf said...

Today, when Pinetree went to sign a contract with a new landlord, he was asked if he served a mission. He didn't like having to admit he hadn't. Then the guy asked him to pull up his grades on his computer. Pinetree just left without signing it, and is therefore still homeless and living out of his car/at my place. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with judgmental people like that. I got sick and was HOME from my mission right before I turned twenty, so I know how people can get suddenly cold when the age thing comes up. But trust me dude, it's worth the wait.