Thursday, August 10, 2006

QOTD compliments of El Veneno

"Atleast you make internet friends with girls...see, youre practically straight!"

the promotion was finallized today, they're announcing to my store on the I think I'm just going to quit my morning job whenever I get sick of it

The Hill Cumorah Pageant Application period starts on the 15th of August. I was in the cast last summer and it was an amazing experience. I'm going to apply again for this summer

PS I'm teaching the Elder's Quorum lesson on Sunday (Ch 15 in the WW book) Any ideas?


robb said...

I'm teaching the same lesson on Sunday. I've got some ideas, but won't plan it all until tomorrow morning (Sat). E-mail me if you want to discuss it.

c.galen said...

I taught this lesson a couple of weeks ago (must be off the correlation track; what will the Committee to Protect whatever think of me?) and used Alma 32:21-34. The word experiment is not found anywhere else in the scriptures and the underlying theme of Alma's advice here is the scientific method, meaning first develop an hypothesis, then construct an experiment to test the hypothesis. Which is quite an advance. At the time of Alma and the New Testament, science was Aristotlean observation. Experiment suggests individual responsibility and initiative not blind obedience.

I also suggested a pathway from desire (a feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state--emptiness) to hope (a desire for something to happen with some degree of optimism implied), to faith, then if the experiment confirms the hypothesis, to knowledge.

I asked the class to consider the following acts as representing what degree of desire/hope/faith/knowledge: turning an ignition key, reading an unknown novel, giving advice to one's children, the word of wisdom, sabbath day observance, keeping personal records, prayer. For example, advice to children is mostly desire with a little bit of hope, whereas the word of wisdom may be one part hope, one part faith, and two parts knowledge.

el veneno said...

I was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant twice. An amazing experience.
Did you quit the morning job?
My advice on your EQ lesson-- make them feel very guilty, I hear that guilt is a great motivator. They'll love you for it later.

el veneno said...

Oh, and thanks for the QOTD. I'm honored.

Linds said...

Man... I will so have your babies... especially if you get a queer haircut... that would be hot... ;-)

pinetree said...

Hey! I taught that lesson too! Represent.