Friday, August 18, 2006


Hey, so the evergreen conference is coming up next month. Personally I take a little different approach to the whole SSA thing... but anyone going? is it worth attending?

Anyway, at work yesterday I saw my exgirlfriends mom, that was fun. and by fun I mean awkward. wicked awkward

Also, I had a very polarizing moments at work today...A very attractive man came in today to buy a was so hard, I'm checking this guy out like every five minutes and then I notice that I'm in an LDS bookstore, surrounded by pictures of Christ, amazing music, and a wonderful spirit...

it was just a very odd moment where two parts of my life, which are very much real, came crashing into eachother confusing the crizzap out of me.

I really need to actually blog about something worthwhile


Samantha said...

"I really need to actually blog about something worthwhile"

Actually, you just did. Anytime you explore what's going on inside, any conflicts, any joys/sorrows...that's terribly worthwhile.

"Personally I take a little different approach to the whole SSA thing"

I'd love to hear more about this!! Definitely!

I think you should go to the conference...I have no previous knowledge or experience on which to base this good advice. :)

-L- said...

I love your blog. It is definitely worthwhile for me to read, and I know you get stuff out of it.

Crizzap? I'm going to have to use that word today. Love it. I wonder if I'm becoming an old man who likes to use the cool kid words. I mean, I only just graduated from med school, I'm not THAT old, right? (Don't answer that.)

I wish I could go to that conference. It sounds really interesting. Too bad it would cost a fortune and I'd have to some serious schedule rearranging.

SkyBluePink said...

"You are such a blog whore."

Linds said...

I'm having major "missing the church" feelings tonight...

Don't really know what to do...

You were the only person I thought of that I could talk to.