Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm meeting with the regional manager sometime next week to see if I'm the right person for the new supervisor position at DB. I hope he doesn't ask why I'm not on a mission.

Tonight while I was restocking I was in the Self Improvement section and ran accross In Quiet Desperation and other books dealing with Same-Gender Attraction that we, I started thinking (never a good thing) Umm what do I say to someone who brings up that book? What should I say, what should I do? I want them to know they're people out there who understand...but I also don't need any more rumors flying round Prozac Valley about me.

This whole supervisor thing really has my plan messed up, can I really just up and hopefully transfer stores 4 months after I get a promotion? I still want to go to the LDSBC, but now my crystal clear plan that seemed so perfect doesn't seem so anymore.

I think I need to buy the book The Zeezrom Syndrome (?) I think that's what it's called, anywho, I need a spiritual drop kick in the face, and the courage to go talk to my bishop...that could help.

on a different note

My birthday present to myself (the macbook) will FINALLY be here tomorrow.

Okay I think I've properly mulled everything over, time for bed!


Samantha said...

You say, "I think this is a really great book. I found it well-written and very touching. When you finish reading it, I'd love to hear what YOU think."

Then, depending on the response, you give him/her your contact info, and go home and pray. Sometimes, you might even get an email address, and you can always send a reminder: "Hey, just wondering if you were able to finish that book yet. What did you think? It's a pretty amazing story."

Yeah, I know you were probably just being rhetorical, but truthfully, what a great way to make a connection with someone who might really need to talk.

Good luck with your planning--you might want to spend some time talking to the BIG GUY--I hear He knows everything... :)

Linds said...

Have I ever told you that you are my hero... Though it would be a bit of a drive because they live in Price ;-).

Personally, I found it really beneficial when I came out to my first member, she was in the same boat and revealed that to me after I began talking to her... really helped to know that I wasn't alone. :-) You'll know the right thing to do when the moment comes.

Ward Cleaver said...

God laughs when WE make plans.

As Sam suggested, best talk to the BIG GUY and see what he has to say about your life.....your direction.

Stop worrying about what other people think. You're SERIOUSLY falling into a trap.

Submitted in Christ's love.

Stenar said...

YAY! MacBooks are awesome. Great B-day present. I hope you had a happy b-day.