Friday, November 17, 2006

dreams are lame

I remember in my AP psych class that when we talk about dreams we shouldn't piece it together and try to make the concious understand the subconscious

so here it goes.

I was with him again, watching a movie like I found ourselves doing time and time again. I was sitting very close to him and wanted to have him just hold me, we started holding hands again except there was no blanket to hide under like the first time we held hands... no point either, we were alone. It was in a basement. I felt this intense desire to be held by him again.

I woke up, readjusted my down comforter, switched sides. The dream still included him in it, but he played a less important role.


santorio said...

here I am preparing to teach PH class on ch 21... so i plug into google, 'enduring trials and opposition'

the entire first page is lds, the last of which is AtP

so how's it feel to be a google first pager?

Anonymous said...

Hey--next time we talk, ask me about being unlinked...

Anonymous said...

Oh--and by the way--your time is not correct.

And I dreamed about YOU--but believe me, not half as much fun in my dream as you were having in yours.