Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tales From Your Local Inspirational Bookstore

The seasonal help is starting at the bookstore, there is a new girl that is so awesome... She moved to Utah about three weeks after joining a church a short time ago. Let me set the scene...

There was a family that was wrapped in hick garb. The patriarch of the family had his boots on, hat that resembled something a civil war soldier would wear, and a vest. His sons, miniature versions of him. The matriarch was the female version of him, sans hat. They were a close family, the children minded their parents and they were overall great customers.

After the family left, the new girl walked over to me, and said, "Do you know what I love about Utah? There are all these hill-billy families... They drive into 'town' and you notice the shock on their faces, almost like they've never seen civilization before.

(and the best part...)

You'd almost expect them to come here with sticks in their hair, they're so endearing!"

Hilarious...absolutely friggin' hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Yeah... I'm new to Utah too... It is a different world out here!

Anonymous said...

That is a funny thing about utah. and especially in St. George, when i go there atleast, i'm always facsinated with the polygamists! especially at Costco!

Julie said...

Yabbit has she heard 'em talk yet down by the crick? Heck.

Elizabeth-W said...

I love your bookstore stories!! This girl sounds like she's going to be fun.