Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Few Firsts

Okay, we'll get back to our ordinary schedule of angst, David Linn pictures, and saying bad things about people in my ward soon. but.... here are a few firsts from last night

1) I let someone drive my car, it's not that I'm protective of the junker--it's that I'm too paranoid to let anyone else drive it. My car is tempermental and most people can't handle it.
2) I invited people to my house. I usually try to stay away from this place at all costs--but a bunch of people came over, met the Mommy Monster, then had some hot chocolate.
3) I watched a movie outside on my macbook, in near freezing temperatures
4) Hmmm I also slept in until church started...which is at 12:30. My sleep cycle is SO messed up right now. I'll make it a goal of mine to get to bed at a decent hour, or to stop needing large amounts of sleep.


the Jerman said...

wow. *in sign language*

Stephanie said...

You are getting so adventurous. It's insane. Next time, electric blankets/portable heater is in order...

Kengo Biddles said...

Don't push that envelope too much, Steph! ;)