Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little less straight

Those of you who know me personally most likely know my infatuation with GoFugYourself. Poorly dressed celebrities experiencing red carpet burn, Lindsey Lohan caught at her worst, and very unflattering pictures of Jessica Simpson. I mean--who couldn't love that.

Also most of you know that I have an unfailing crush on Nelly Furtado, her super-ballad Try from Folklore, and then Afraid from her most recent album Loose--they're pretty much in my top 25 most played in my Itunes music library--they're amazing. Not to mention she's pretty

My crush on Nelly Furtado ended at 6:52 PM after I saw this. I still can't believe it's her, but after some thorough investigation it was confirmed this is ACTUALLY Nelly furtado... She's hideous.

I didn't know it was possible, but after this, i'm a little bit more gay. I Just hope Natalie Portman doesn't turn on me or I'll be doomed For those of you who are my friends, I'll be in mourning the loss of my hetero celebrity crush until Sunday evening at this time.


Meredith said...

you know, my older brother used to think she was gorgeous. maybe he still thinks so. i wasn't impressed with her when I saw her at the AMAs, so i can understand your disappointment.

on another completely different note, happy Thanksgiving. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am MADLY in love with Jennifer Garner. It was with great angst that I learned of her marriage to Ben Aflek. We could have been so happy together. Sigh.

Sully said...

I hate losing hetero love crushes. It is defeating and disheartening. I am totally crushing Natalie Portman myself, so she had really better maintain her beauty; she's keeping two gay guys looking at the path of straightness! :)

Dave said...

Shakira is my hetero crush, going on 6 years now!

pinetree said...

Yeah, this is a funky picture, but I still think Nelly Furtado is hot. This must be how Rosie O'Donnel feels about Tom Cruise, huh?

MDGBLB said...

Ben and I saw Nelly when she sang during the Olympics in 2002. She was awful live. Maybe it's cuz the winter air was harsh on her vocal cords, but then again she was pretty awful on SNL live, too. But I still love the "Turn Out the Lights" video so much. Maybe it's all the mud dancing.