Saturday, November 11, 2006

EQ Lesson...The Remix

You think for someone who is SSA/Homo/Gay teaching a lesson on "Faitfully Enduring Trials and opposition" would be a little easier.

but I got nothin' two quotes and an idea that really won't work as much as I'd like it to


Anonymous said...

The trick I like for teaching lessons is to go heavy on the audience participation. Think of all the stuff you don't know or why you are conflicted about the topic, and then genuinely ask everyone what they think. Genuine questions (rather than those read from the manual) engender participation much better and usually everyone actually [gasp] ends up paying attention and learning something new.

Just a thought.

el veneno said...

What's the idea you have?

You posted at 2 am so don't beat yourself up too bad if all your creative cylinders weren't firing right then.