Sunday, October 22, 2006

EQ Lesson

Oh man...that sucked. I hope I made sense. I know I didn't though.

*le sigh* but I did tell them to talk to their kids about pornography and masturbation. That flopped--and hard.

Ugh. I'm going to find something to eat.


el veneno said...

Humble people always think their good lessons flopped. Knuckleheads always think their sucky lessons ruled.
Our lesson was on agency today too. I was thinking of what you had told me of your lesson and I'm pretty sure yours was better than mine. We did talk about porn but didn't even touch the "m" word (it's gross to say it). :-)

Anonymous said...

We talked about p & m in sacrament meeting. Loads of fun.

Kengo Biddles said...

It's not gross to say M. We're just so puritanically hypocritical that we can't talk about it. It's so _ridiculous_. Who knows, while you may feel that your lesson flopped, you may have gotten through to one of the fathers in your EQ and that may help them and their family.

Darrin said...

In some places in my state, old farts just can't say the M word in church. Instead they say "going out behind the barn."

You should have told them to "Hug your kids. If you don't, some other man will!" Freaky thought.

Try getting up in front of a bunch of single college students and talking about the definintions of heavy petting, making-out, necking, and having sex. Been there and done that. Talk about uncomfortable...!

Samantha said...


Once for El V, once for -L-, once for Sir Ken, and once for my husband.

It is not the M word. That is "marriage".