Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay. I'm a little frustrated at work. The reason? I'm training the new guy...for the purposes of naming him in the Queerosphere I think I'll call him SSG (Stupid Straight Guy) . Here's a list of things that I wish I could put in his locker...but... I can't

Dear SSG,

-Your cologne smells like my old dog
-You sound like a used car salesmen when talking to customers. It annoys them, and makes you look white trash.
-You say really, really stupid things
-You answer your cell phone on the floor, yet you don't answer the store phone.
-You have really bad hair
-Your ten-key abilities are that of an Ethiopian 4 year old.
-You keep saying "gay" when you should really be saying, "stupid," or, perhaps, "lame"

with respect,

Your not so-straight training supervisor.


theJerman said...

I read your list with the Sean Connery voice from snl- it makes more sense that way.

SkyBluePink said...

Ugh. And guess who gets to close with him next tuesday...

Kill me. Please?

In other news, you are amazing.

Kengo Biddles said...

How dare you insult Ethiopian 4 year-olds like that. I rebuke you on their behalf!