Thursday, October 05, 2006

who the crap are you?

I just realized how many SSA/SGA/gay/whatever people there were who are hangin' out around blogger. I mean. we. are. everywhere. Also since the explosion of the SSA/SGA/gay/OSA/SGA-M-O-M/whatever blogging world I've felt a little too exposed...So I had this brilliant idea, y'all could introduce yourselves, ya know--tell me how you got your 'nym, your story, how you found the Queerosphere, etc... Lame, I know, but maybe I won't feel like I'm being stalked by sex crazed rapists if that happens.

anywho. moving on...As you can tell from the post below I broke down and got myself a new pair of glasses... My contacts have been bugging me so much lately. Since I'm so blind they had to send them away to get the lenses in, etc. So I'll be rockin' it up like the fashion forward book nerd that I am in a few days. Besides that my life is boring, except in a few weeks I get to hang out with the Stevens' ...probably going to have a six-pack from all the laughing I'll be doing. I can't wait.


Samantha said...

I the crap am Samantha. I am a witch. The Queerosphere found me. I am stalking you, but I am less sex-crazed than you are, and I am not a rapist.

I just ate a piece of Dove Chocolate. The wrapper said: "When two hearts race, both win." That is the epitome of lame (*gags).

Loyalist (with defects) said...

I feel like this is AA.

Hi, my name is Loyalist. And I am working through some personal issues. (everybody - Hi, Loyalist).

It's been sometime since I last fell off the wagon.

I learning to work through it.

Naked Native said...

I am Naked Native. Being Naked is glorious and I wish I was some barefooted native running free through the Amazon.

I am a nice person, but I am not afraid to tell you that you pissed me off and that I want to kill you. (My Bishop didn't like this one too much)

I like who I am most of the time.

I am a convert to the Church and I have spent half my membership on probation. (Reason why I told Bishop I hated him)

Have I said to much? Probably. Bye.

Meredith said...

My name is Meredith... althought I think you already knew that. I don't have SSA and I'm definitely not a rapist. So no worries. :) Hope your weekend is going well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Stewart and I don't think I have ever eaten a fish! That sure feels good to get that off my chest! lol. Anyway, I'd have to agree with Meredith. I don't have SSA and i'm am not a rapist. I live in Vegas and I'm a member. Going on my mission to Guatemala in Dec. Um...yeah! that's about it!

iovan said...

Dear A_Path,

You might think I'm a rapist since you suggested I tell my story a couple of times, and I haven't. Don't worry, I live far away :)

Still trying to find a balance between disclosing personal information, sending it off to who knows where, and recognizing that we can really help each other by sharing. In a way it'd be easier if it wasn't anonymous and i'd be 'out'.

Also it feels weird to mostly write about one thing. That's not how my relationship with other people is either.

Anyway, hope your day is OK.