Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Family Home Evening

Mom and Dad held their monthly family home evening group tonight. Great experience as usual, with red velvet cake. Good conversation. But I'm not going back unless I can kidnap a friend to have them watch my back and keep me out of awkward situations...like the following.

1) Someone I saw at the EG conference told me, "I wanted to get my picture with you at the evergreen conference...but I could never really ask you...can I get your picture" Ignoring his question I responded, "I wanted to play a game of smear the queer at the Evergreen conference...but I didn't get that chance." I was able to avoid the picture for a moment or two with that distraction, but this kid perservered. I posed politely while he snapped away.

2) Someone I've never met before ask me for my number, I gave him a fake one....Upon writing this, I realize I gave him my blog URL...I'm pretty sure you'll read this...and I'm sorry, I just got freaked out a little bit.

3) The aforementioned happened, then I was suddenly trapped by a couch, and many people with no escape route, I couldn't find one for quite a while. I was almost about to hop over the couch to just get away.

4) "So, which bookstore do you work in?" Please--I have no desire to have that questioned asked by anyone anymore. I'm almost to the point of looking for another job.

These experiences have made me so much more grateful for having "normal" gay/ssa/sga/whatever friends. Over the past few weeks when we've been able to hang out, I have felt safe, I haven't needed to look for an escape whenever I was with people, and I haven't feared being raped in the back of someone's car.

Yesterday was amazing, E.V. invited me to hang out for the afternoon session of conference (maybe it was by default) with his ward, they were wicked cool and just awesome people. I felt like moving up there was the right thing. Now, I just need to find a place to live, get a job, and make sure that everything is chill with going to school up there.


Samantha said...

I'm hoping I'm in that "normal" group--but just in case I'm not:
1. I won't ask to take your picture--although I might ask Darrin to do it.
2. I won't ask for your phone number.
3. I won't attack with a couch.
4. I'll shop at heathen bookstores to avoid meeting you.

Also...I solemnly promise not to rape you in the back of someone's car--although addressing this issue according to your wording seems to open up so many related questions....

I'm really sad we didn't get to play smear the queer...I blame Smurf.

Kengo Biddles said...

I talked with Wifey about going up to one of those...I don't know if they'd be okay with me bringing the fam, but if they are, and if you want the support, we've got your back, yo. :)

Unusual Dude said...

See - just another reason I wish I had been at the EG conference, so you'd know I'm not someone that's stalking you either. Although I suppose it's good I've never asked to take your picture or which bookstore you work at. Welp, I guess I'll start saving my dinero for next year and we can all party at the conference. I just want Samantha to make me an award with a post-it note, and I'll feel whole. :)

Anonymous said...

Another fhe? I heard of a different one that met in Salt Lake, but is now meeting in Provo every other week. you make the one you went to sound really scary, thats too bad.

Darrin said...

Okay, this was really wierd. 1. I already have taken your picture, no permission.
2. I think I have your phone number. (No worries, won;t give it out.)
3. Can't do anything with counches.
4. I don't read books (except the BOM & IQD).
5. Samantha & I first discussed marraige in the back seat of my Celica.
6. I was actually looking forward to the remedial basketball.

Linds said...

Psh... we will totally go on a date when/if I'm in Utah...

I love you tons too and seriously you're the best... you always seem to have some sense of what I need to hear and when I need to hear it, I mean you text messaged me with this amazing uplifting message minutes after my breakup before I even had time to process it.. thank you so much for being you... you've completely changed my life and I can never thank you enough for it...

Latin Stud! said...
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Latin Stud! said...

HA:D I'm not normal.. so I'm guessing i'm not into the "normal" group... I like to be freaky! haha...

1. I have pictures with u:) (in a group but we're in it)
2. we texted today! BTW.. ur a punk u didnt tell me u were on campus before
3. My couch sucks.. lol
4. U've told me which bookstore u work, but I never shop for books there.. that's why I have the bookstore on campus where i can get a discount:)

I dont think i'd be able to rape u.. im too small!... I'd be more scared of u!!

Anyway! it's about time to hang out and SOON!

Anonymous said...

Your right I did read your blog and I'm sorry you felt as "if I would rape you in the backseat of your car." I was just trying to make some friends and really thought you were a nice guy. I had never been in an environment where I felt so accepted and it was awesome. It was a very uplifting expirence and one that I was charishing, until I read your blog. Thank you for ruining it for me. I admire you for your determination to go on a mission and live the gospel, but at the same time I think that blog displays the sort of strerotypical attitude that is prevelent in the gay communty and dosn't belong in the church. You should really be more careful about being a stumbling block in another persons struggle. I really think you are a better person than this.