Thursday, October 26, 2006

a seperation of sorts

I don't know why I entitled the post "a seperation of sorts" except for that's what I think is going on inside. There will come a time when there is no middle ground, that means in the world...and inside ourselves.

That time is coming for me, there is beginning to be no middle ground, the time for spiritual apathy is coming to an end. After my realization of agency last week the fight has been more intense. I'm happy with my life as a chaste member of the church who also experiences SSA, but there's still that part of me that probably won't go away during this life.

I've been thinking (never, ever good...especially after 12) that I need to create a deeper relationship with Christ and start to rely on Him more fully.

I know I'm of infinite worth to Him, I've made my choice....I just want to remember what choice I've made.


Stephanie said...

Good choice my friend. You're amazing.

For Higher Love said...

Excellent post.

Just last night I was thinking to myself that it's coming to a point where I have to say "Either I can let this take over me, or I can take over it. I need to be the one in control. But I can only overcome it through Christ." It's through Christ that I have hope; that I can see and feel something so beautiful that it gives me the desire to change my life.

Oh wow, even as I'm writing this I think I'm starting to tear up. So I'll just leave my comment to that.

epadavito said...

that pic looks like that idea of god tells man to push on the rock...and he pushes and pushes and gets discouraged, thinking he is a failure because he can't move the rock....but God reassures him saying that he never asked him to move it...but to just push it. ...sometimes we don't realize the simplicity of things that Heavenly Father asks of us...

Meredith said...

remembering can be hard for everyone. I love your pictures. I hope you're having a good week.