Saturday, October 28, 2006

People Who Are Cool

Ken Biddles for bringing me a Jamba today while I worked.
El Veneno for stopping by and making me laugh a lot.
El Veneno's buddy for being amazingly cool
The Jerman for having the ability to be absolutely friggin hilarious, while being so laid back and chill--and also for having me in his cellphone as AtP Fetus (major props for that one)
Stephalumpagus because she's hot, funny, and having that kick-A grandma car
And last but not least...Samantha because she basically saved my life, and has helped me become who I am today (which is a mess, but a mess who is much happier with himself...a happy mess who isn't self medicating with porn either. :-) You rock )

Okay, Another thing about Samantha. Apparently she got one of those emails know the one that basically told her that her marriage is an abomination, her kids are going to be messed up, WHATEVER. But I just want to say (Even the person/people who have or will write those emails won't read this) Her marriage is the greatest I've ever seen--it's the perfect example of what I want in my future life. Her kids are well adjusted, and happy. I was able to spend a weekend with them--all of them knowing I was gay, and they were SO chill with it. So to those who think otherwise, or that her marriage is an abomination--GO SCREW YOURSELVES

About five minutes before we closed, El Veneno stopped by with his friend who happens to be a girl, I gave them the grand tour of my place of employment, we laughed about the new Gladys Knight CD, and other things. Ten rolled around and I bolted out of that place to chill with Stephalumpagus and The Jerman--we got pizza, had awkward conversation pauses and overall had a pretty amazing time. We fried cookies on the bell tower lights at BYU. They didn't even turn out half bad....which was impressive.


Kengo Biddles said...

If bringing you a Jamba is all it takes to be cool, I guess I'll be bringing you Jamba all day everyday!

Stephanie said...

Yeah my grandma car is pretty amazing. Your mom thought it was amazing last night... ;)