Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feeling Alive

I ended up on a miny vacation on Sunday and Monday bouncing all over salt lake valley. It was amazing.

--Sunday night it was snowing, I went on a walk and slid all around the streets, I walked down to temple square and took a picture of the temple. Walking around in the snow I felt alive for the first time in a long time.

--Ever since I was in the 9th grade I had issues with compulsively buying Diesel brand shoes. Monday the impulse struck again, I bought a pair of white kicks that I really didn't like. So I'm going to try to take them back today and exchange them for some canvas ones. Hopefully they'll take them back because I walked around in them all day yesterday...they still look new *looks around awkwardly* There was always a scary lesbian (I'm sure she was a lesbian. but i have no Les-dar so I could've been really off)

--I saw a cute lesbian couple at the Gateway. They were adorable. I almost wanted to follow them around and be their new best friend... but I have a feeling they would've been against it.

--I ate Panda Express

--I went to some random Stake's Christmas party. It was entertaining. They had a some greaser guy who is in the single's ward entertain us with honky-tonk Christmas music. Very entertaining if you ask me.

--I had Starbucks twice, but the barista didn't even acknowledge that I was there five hours earlier... I mean, I even flirted with her! Pfff...

--Trax has these little signs that say "No food or drink," and "keep feet off of seats." I proudly say that I broke both of those rules at the same time

anyway, i need to return the argyle sweater, and try to return or exchange the shoes. Then party it up at work.


Anonymous said...

I have no cool shoes. You need to show me how to pick them out...if there are such things for size 13 feet.

-pinetree (it wont let me log in as myself)

Kengo Biddles said...

One would think, Pinetree, that in simple association with your being these shoes would become cool.

El Veneno said...

Pinetree destroys shoes like no one else I've ever met.

ATP-- once you return the shoes and the sweater you should have enough refunded to your spending allowance to afford a little more shopping before Christmas and that's good cause I'm still counting on you for sweater shopping.

Linds said...

... panda express AND cute lesbian couples... sounds like an awesome day to me!!!