Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I really don't like coming up with titles

1. This is my last week of work at Your Local Inspirational Bookstore. I'm very, very excited.

2. I've come to the realization that I need to find some other coping mechanisms. I hate the ones that I'm currently using, and as soon as said method I can feel the emotions that I've put off creeping around in the back of my mind waiting to pounce on me again.

3. Ive gotten like 6 or 7 emails via myspace from "Mr. C." (Please refer to "An Open Response to an Email, November 2006,") in the last 36 hours. The first five emails were him flip flopping from chastising me for being a not-so-good person, then apologizing. Then he noticed that I forwarded them to a friend, he sent me another email asking who I forwarded them to. I asked him never to email me again, and a few minutes later I had a lengthy response which included fun things like accusing me of being a racist, a hypocrite, and judging people for not looking like Abercrombie and Fitch models.

Girl please: I'm pretty sure I'm not a racist (I mean, I would have friends who aren't white ...if there were any around Provo...) I'll own up to the hypocrite one, but if he thinks i'm bad now, he should've seen me back in high school. I was great at sluffing school to go home to look at porn and then go back to seminary and quote scripture pretending to be the perfect mormon boy. Then Mr. C. said I wasn't his friend because he isn't an A&F model. The thing is, it isn't about looks. I mean, for those of you who have actually seen me can say that I'm not attractive. I'm a gangly awkward looking kid with girly wrists who has REALLY bad posture. I'm thinking more about this topic. I'll post more later.

4. I think it'd be great to have a Gay Mormon Survivor. We can vote people out of The Family. The prize can be like a day at the salon, or a paid trip to the Evergreen Conference, which is hella fun if youre hanging out with Samantha and I.

5. Christmas was good. I took a really long nap, which is why i'm typing this at 4:15 AM.

6. I need to find something cool to do on New Years Eve.


el veneno said...

Please find something cool to do for new year's and pleas let know. There's always the party at Brother Priesthood's house. If not, there is First Night in SLC. You have to buy tickets early http://www.firstnightslc.org/. So some possibilities.
As far as you discriminating against the not A&F model type... I can personally attest that you have at least one friend who is more like the UNICEF starving African child fund model type and you seem to treat me pretty well.
Enjoy the last couple days working in zion.

Samantha said...

I've seen your wrists...not girly...not sure WHAT they are, but not girly...

I'm in on the Survivor thing, by the way, in whatever capacity.

We can't talk anymore (chat/phone) or when I see you again we'll have nothing to say.