Friday, March 09, 2007

The Gayest Thing Ever.

Last night El Veneno called and said his roommate was having people over and wanted to watch a movie, I was invited and I brought over a movie.

El V’s roommate, as you may or may not know, is SSA/Homo/Gay (take your pick I prefer the phrase "Prefers less conventional game," or, "Moho," but whatev.), and he just built a new house. In this new house is a rather large, sexy 62” LCD Projection TV. Most guys would reserve such an attractive television strictly for sports and the occasional action movie with a sexy starlet who has many steamy scenes with the star of the movie.

But not Mohos, we gathered around this gorgeous piece of electronic equipment, an idol to manliness, and watched MEAN GIRLS. It was hilarious. *sigh* I think the Brawny Man might strike us down.


agirlwho said...

LAME! I just tried to post something and it got erased. Oh well. So, PLEASE invite me next time you watch Mean Girls! There is nothing I love better than watching it with my favorite mohos. Also, I am so sorry about your previous post and the bad feelings attached to your car. Call me if you need to talk, okay? We can go for an all night drive in my truck sometime.

Mormon Enigma said...

... a rather large, sexy 62” LCD Projection TV

I'm Jealous! I can just imagine myself watching Hero's, Stargate, & Battlestar Galactica on that baby.

Your post reminded me of Thanksgiving a few years ago. We had invited some friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner. When they arrived, they told us that they had just dropped off some other friends off at Texas Stadium for the Cowboys Football game and were going to go pick them up when the game was over. My response was "How will we know when the game is over?" (this was before cell phones were so common). I remember my friend staring at me incredulously and then stammering something like "uhhh, I guess we'll have to watch it on TV", to which I replied "Oh, have fun with that"

Le Mec said...

I love that movie.