Monday, March 12, 2007

So Confused. (So much shouting, so much laughter pt 1.5)

A few days ago, El V’s roommate invited me to a benefit he was singing at on Sunday, which was last night at a church in SLC. El V picked me up, along with two girls in their ward. After the delusional El V got the address mixed up, we arrived at the non-LDS church.

Walking into the chapel I immediately knew something was up, we sat behind a lesbian couple, too our left there were a few gay couples…then I start looking around and it became apparent there were very few straight people.

I sent a text message to someone I knew was there that said, "There are a lot know whats if you catch my drift."

He replied, "I'm picking up what you're laying down."

Then the more feminine part of the lesbian couple on the bench in front of us sang beautifully in the program, as did El V’s roommate. After the intermission a nice portly man with colored in eyebrows got up and gave an overly emotional speech saying, “being here I have realized that it’s more than just GLBT people coming together, it’s about GLBT, straight people, and even Hispanics coming together to make a difference.”

(looks around)

Neglecting the obvious flaws in his statement I realized I was at a GLBT cancer fundraiser. Suddenly everything made much more sense: the man that I first thought was a woman (even in the gay world you don’t see very many pixie cuts) the young guy with eyeliner that kept checking me out, the older gay couple with matching shirts, glasses, pants, and highlighted hair.

It was quite the experience.