Sunday, March 25, 2007


AgirlWho... and I walking up to the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork.

You can't see the flames because I was too far back, but they just lit the demon on fire--the colored chalk was everywhere

I'll upload some more later tonight when I have the time, and Agirlwho puts hers up on facebook.


Samantha said... come everyone has chalk on their clothes except you? And you're wearing a white shirt, too...I don't get it...

Very cool. Someday I want to see that in person.

agirlwho said...

That was so much fun. I hope you know what a good friend you are to me. I think you are such a wonderful, sweet person. I wish I could hug you everyday. That was cheesy. But so are our pictures! Okay, I love you and I hope you have a better week.

Thrasius said...

The pictures are great. The one of you and a girlwho holding hands is so cute.