Friday, March 16, 2007

UV Rays & Psychology 101 a post that's a little late...

With the temperatures rising, I’ve been having the desire to wear shorts, a t-shirt and my chacos, so I looked around, made a few calls and ended up a tanning place. I walked in and—bright lights and lime paint, with dance club music. To my surprise there was a guy at the front desk. At the tanning places I’ve to or seen there has always been women and practically no men. But this place was packed with guys…and only one girl. The man at the front desk welcomed me. Obvious lisp…keep in mind, “welcome” doesn’t have any S’s to lisp.

After I left the tanning place I ran back to my place, rinsed off, and headed to psychology class. As you guessed it, it was hell.
There was just a “Shhh”ing war going on, between the compulsive liar with deformed lady bits and the girl who has “issues with psychology.” Eventually the teacher got the class under control and then disaster struck.

“So…post hypnotic suggestions are like when people are playing poker… then they’re nervous so they like tick and twitch, right?”

Uhhhh, you have got to be kidding me!

Anyway, Samantha is visiting and we're having wicked fun, I'll write about our Jamba Juice adventure, shopping, etc.

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